Tuesday, April 24, 2018

REVIEW: Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Toothpaste

Next item in the Award-worthy beauty box: Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy
I really questioned if I wanted to review this because I don't think I would have put much effort into reviewing it compared to the other beauty products in this box. 

So they basically call it therapy because:

Beautifully whiten* your smile and repair weakened enamel with Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Enamel Care toothpaste. The formula contains our best whitening technology** and an Active Mineral Complex. The toothpaste lifts impurities and remineralizes teeth to repair weakened enamel.
*by removing surface stains.
**among single-tube toothpastes.

Quoted from their website**
So basically this toothpaste helps whiten your teeth and strengthens your enamel. 

On a regular basis, I use Crest 3D White (the purple colored tube), which is supposed to whiten teeth, but I don't think it helps strengthens enamel? So I guess this is a cool extra feature. 

In comparison, I think the toothpaste is really similar to the one I'm using based on taste/texture. 
The color is different though. 

I do remember one point I had my toothbrush in my mouth with this toothpaste, and the toothpaste hurt my teeth. I've had this happen before with the teeth whitening strips, so perhaps it is stronger than the purple one I use? 

I'll stop here... 

Monday, April 23, 2018

REVIEW: Pantene Foam Conditioner Sheer Volume

Today I will review Pantene's Foam Conditioner: Sheer volume 

This is the 40g (1.4oz) sample from Walmart's Award-worthy Beauty box 
The full size is 6 oz for around $6.00 

Except retrieved from Pantene's website: 
Add air-light Foam conditioning to your next shower and volumize every strand with air-light nourishment. Our Pro-V formula is now infused with microbubbles, to boost strands for 24 hours! Say goodbye to the weigh down of traditional cream conditioners. 
So I just realized I had forgotten to take photos of the foam... 
It looks like whipped cream/meringue. 

Some important facts that my or may not impact this review: 
-my hair is around stomach to butt crack length 
-I have never used this before

I have tried dry shampoo before, but this is totally different. Keep in mind that this is not a leave in conditioner, but a conditioner you put on your hair and wash off like you would with the usual conditioners. 

Scent is the same common Pantene shampoo/conditioner scent. 

The instructions say to pump out a palm sized amount- which I followed. 
The first time I used it, I felt like I didn't condition my hair at all, and after I used it once, I had to use it again- and I still wasn't satisfied. 

In terms of satisfied, what I mean is that silky creamy feeling that I get on my hair after I use conditioner. I couldn't feel it at all. This is something that is very important to me since my hair is so long and gets tangled easily. 
I WANT to feel that my hair is conditioned. 
But this was cutting it short. 

I think this whole bottle lasted me about a week and a half, which quite surprised me- since I actually used a HUGE palm sized amount each time. 
I eventually got used to the feeling of not having that silky feeling on my hair. 

The foam conditioner literally just dissolves into your hair once you put it on. So it's kind of cool I guess? Kind of gives you the perception that your hair is absorbing in all that foam.. I guess. 

In terms of the "sheer volume", yes I believed that it did add on some volume to my hair. 

Overall it was a fun experience and cool to use. I'm not sure I can justify the price of buying a bottle though. It seems a bit pricey to me, and unless it can produce more uses than a normal bottle of conditioner I can buy at an equivalent price, I would not get it. 

Basically saying, it is something cool, but not necessary for me. 

REVIEW: Found Coconut Sheet Mask

So last time I mentioned that I will write a review for the items in Walmart's Award-worthy Beauty box. 

The first item I will review is Found Coconut Sheet Mask 
This retails for $2.50 on Walmart's website. 
I used this a couple of weeks ago, and wrote notes on it to write up this review. 
Front of mask claims to be 94% Natural* 

Back of mask says that mask is supposed to hydrate and improve skin tone, which I find to be believable since it is coconut. 

USE: Put on skin for 10 to 20 minutes. 
Made in S. KOREA
which I must note, a lot of facial masks are made in Korea now, so that doesn't surprise me. 

Product Review: 

The mask itself is very thin and is soaked in serum. Could be a plus or minus depending on how much serum you like. There was a bit too much serum IMO, and that stuff got into my eyes... 

It doesn't come with a plastic sheet like some face masks have. 
Personally for me, the mask was too big. I consider my facial shape to be Round. 
The holes were too big around the eyes, nose and mouth such that it didn't cover all areas of my eyes. 
I got a bit of a tingly sensation on my cheeks, but that is about it. 

Scent-wise, it didn't really smell like coconut. It smelled like pine, or some sort of oil smell. And then I noticed that they have Chamomile in it. That's probably what it is. 

I wouldn't say it is an unpleasant smell, but I was just expecting coconut smells instead since it is a coconut face mask. 

Overall, I don't think I can give an entirely proper review on a face mask unless I have used it more than once, so I cannot vouch on whether or not the mask does what it says. 
I'll definitely say that it did help hydrate and soften my skin, but not sure if it brightened my skin. I don't think that's entirely possible with just one use.

Did I like the mask? 
It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't get it again because it was just too big for my face, and it was so thin that it ripped apart easily :( 

Onward to the next mask! (there's so many in the market nowadays anyways)

Will be posting reviews for the other award worthy products soon 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Upcoming blogs

This blog is NOT dead yet... 
After a long period of hiatus, I am coming back. 
It has been more and more difficult for me to post due to other priorities in life, but I also did say that I would commit to a blog. 

In my upcoming posts, I plan to review Walmart's Award-worthy beauty box. 
I'm pretty sure many others have already written reviews about it, but I will still put in my opinions on it. 

I mainly bought this box because I wanted to try out the Olay product. 

Will post soon. 

Picture is a courtesy of google images. Was not able to upload my own image since I lost it...

So here is a list of things I plan to post in the future:
  1. Award Beauty box 
  2. Comparison of food delivery services I have tried 
  3. Milk&Eggs delivery service
  4. Food? 
More to come. Fingers crossed that I will be able to review these in a timely manner. 

Thank you to all who have been reading and visiting my blog!!!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

REVIEW: Brown Crossbody Bags for Women Bucket Bag Small Purse Drawstring with Tassel

Hi All, today I will be reviewing this bag. 
Note that I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 

Here is a photo of the bag. A bit smaller than I expected. 

Inside of the bag. Nice suede interior. 

Back of bag 

Close up on the bag. It has a really nice leather grain/print design. This is obviously PU leather though. 

The clasps for the straps. Honestly, they look really flimsy, and I wouldn't consider even putting anything heavy in the bag because I'm afraid this will break over time. 

Tassel design at the front of the bag. Pretty nice. 

The only thing that closes this bag. Not really safe if you ask me. 

Bag has a short strap for holding, or a cross body strap. I'm a big fan of cross body straps so this is a plus for me. 

I'm actually really amazed by the quality of the bag. It feels sturdy and solid. The quality definitely feels better than other bags at this price range. I am disappointed at the lack of zipper pockets though. Also not a big fan of the magnetic closures being the only thing that opens and closes the bag. 
Lastly, the clips that hold the strap feel really flimsy and is not something I would consider when purchasing a bag. 

This bag is probably best for going out for short periods of time, or maybe for occasions where I wouldn't be bringing as much stuff. Although I am going toward using smaller bags now, I still think this bag is a bit too small for my liking. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Check out the product here

I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 
I'm guessing these phone cases will be the next big thing? I don't know. 

What I noticed is that a lot of cute phone cases really don't do so well regarding protecting your phone. 

I believe this to be one of them.,.
The cat squishy on the back is pretty cute though...if it wasn't deformed (see photos a user posted on the amazon reviews...her cat is perfect... my cat is a bit off)... Quality control is pretty bad here. 

This is what the phone case looks like on the front. Material is silicone, I believe. 

Not a big fan of the buttons 

I'm not going to test how well this item protects my phone if it does take a hit. I was just really interested in this phone case because of the squishy cat. 

Really interesting concept, and it does keep you distracted for a while. Kind of like an add on stress reliever. 

Other than it being cute, I'm not sure if it is practical in terms of protecting my phone from falls. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

REVIEW: High Mountain Oolong Tea



Hi All, 
Today I will be reviewing this item: 

High Mountain Oolong Tea, Ali Shan Taiwan | Loose Leaf for Infusers | Organic Chai | Wu Long Tea Healthy Beverage | Weight Loss Diet Tea | Da Yu Ling Tea Tin

Note that I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 

So let's start with the appearance: very nice and probably great for gifting. 

Issue? No tape to seal the cap, and it can fall off very easily. 
Secondly, please look below- I received a dented tin. Definitely CANNOT be gifted at this point. 

The whole tin is nearly in chinese, except for one small portion in the back where they teach you how to cook the tea, but the english translations are literally useless. 

This is how they look like inside. You get two vacuum sealed pouches of tea leaves 
I did not take pictures of the tea leaves, but they look like rolled up leaves... 

Issues with this item... 
1. Although they state the product is oolong tea, nowhere on the tin does it say "oolong". Tea connoisseurs, please correct me if I'm wrong. 
2. Further emphasizing my first point.. In chinese, they have the following: 
品名: 茶叶
This literally translates to: 
name: tea leaves 
ingredients: natural (or organic) tea leaves 
Again, does not state it is oolong. 

Says that it is made in Taiwan. 

Also, it states that it can be kept for 1 year, BUT date of manufacturing is nowhere to be seen on the tin. The bottom of the tin has a label (which I forgot to take a picture of), stating that the tea is good until 5/01/2018- so I'm guessing that it was manufactured around May of this year. 

Back of tin has a brief background about the tea and where it is collected, but I won't get into that, as there's too much to translate. 

3. Does not taste like oolong. I have had oolong before and they are dark in color, somewhat bitter, and strong. This tea is very LIGHT in color, slightly bitter, and not strong at all. Maybe I used too much water? I don't know. I just feel like it doesn't taste like oolong at all. 

Although I stated that it doesn't taste like oolong at all, it also has its advantages. The tea is rather soothing to drink, and I quite like the taste. I don't like how misleading the tin is though.