Sunday, March 27, 2016

Novica Little Buddha Praying Statute REVIEW

Hello all, today will be a review on Novica's Little Buddha Praying Statute. It can be found on the Novica website as well as Amazon (link above). 

It is a blessing to be able to receive this item at a discounted price (regular pricing is $70.00). This is a gift for my mom, so I quickly opened it to take pics for my review. 

This item was hand carved by an artist in Indonesia, Nyoman Karsa. 

The details are stunning. And the Buddha himself is quite heavy too, so you know that it is not hollow inside. 

Signature of the artist on the bottom of the statute. 

It also smells great!! I love the scent; it smells like really soothing incense that isn't too overpowering. 

I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  

Friday, March 11, 2016

Maxizest Organic Coconut Oil Review

I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Honestly speaking, with the time length they provide for me to do these reviews (~2 weeks, but by the time the item comes to me, that's like 12 days or less), it is truly not enough. Please take this as a biased review considering the fact that these pills are hard to review and I'm not even sure if any changes existed since I took it,

The good: 

-Bottle comes with 180 "softgels" I put softgels in quotes because I will be talking about it in the bad section later.
-According to the bottle, coconut oil is supposed to help with heart, brain and health support, digestion and weight loss, and gives energy boosts.

The bad: 
-Smells like coconut oil, but the smell is also blended in with fish oil smells. Upon looking at the ingredients, they use gelatin in it. Not suitable for vegetarian/vegan use.
- Pills are a bit too big for my liking. Somewhat hard to swallow.
-Dislike the white colored pills in contrast to a different coconut pill I've purchased in the past. That one is clear and you can see the color of the coconut oil.

Now, as to why I said I'm not sure whether or not the pills work, I take many other pills in addition to this. Those being:
-vitamin C
-vitamin D
-omega fish oil

Yes, all those at once.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentia Men's Face Scrub Review

Here is yet another delayed review that I was supposed to post.

Item can be found here: Click
This is an exfoliating scrub that is said to; 
-remove dead skin 
-draws out excess dirt and oil 
-deep clean pores 
-rejuvenates skin texture 

Contains sunflower oil and witch hazel (apologies for the blurry pic) 


Also contains coconut oil, MSM (some sort of organic compound??), and sweet almond oil. 

Pic of the jar 
Pic of the scrub 

***Images taken from my amazon acc** 

This review is written as directed from my BF. He is the one who used this. 
I just added some extra comments based on my opinion. 

Anyways, the packaging is great and could be ideal for a gift for a guy. The plastic jar inside? Probably not that great. It would look even more expensive if the jar was glass, which I think would make up for its expensive price tag. 

Smell: Smells like typical men's cologne, but isn't as strong. Bf mentions how he can smell the coconut in this product, which is a bit empowering for his nose. I can't smell it at all, only the cologne. 

Scrub: color reminds me of a mud mask. It feels like a mud mask too. Anyways, the beads in this product aren't as big, and painful. Using St. Ives as an example, their face scrub usually comes with pretty big beads and can be painful. This product does not hurt. 

Skin type: Sensitive to dry skin. So sensitive that some brands of face wash can give him acne. this product does not. 

Results: Love it! Leaves skin feeling great and super soft. 
It's a bit too pricey for a face scrub though, considering how it doesn't seem like too big of a brand name. 

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 

Sport it Yoga Leggings Review

Hello all, I'm a bit behind on my reviews, so here goes. 
A copy and paste from my Amazon review. Totally not plagiarizing here! Will update when I get the chance to. 

Product can be seen here: Click

Packaging came in a perfectly sized ziploc looking bag with a label, but I think I accidentally threw it away because I can't find it.

I got a size M, which is normally the sizing i get for all my elastic/spandex pants. This was a bit tight. Yes, this is labeled as a "yoga legging tights" and it sure is like a pair of tights. It is a bit long and kind of hard to put on. Even when I was taking the pants off, I was struggling to pull them off. They are like a pair of super skinnies.

Although they were comfy, I did not like how constricted it was against my legs. It was almost as if my legs couldn't breathe. Should I have gotten a bigger size instead?? Or is it because I haven't fully "broken into" these pants yet? Either way, I quite like it, but I'm not sure if its good for exercising because of how tight it is. This may vary from person to person.

The fabric itself is really soft and silky and feels very cool whenever I wear them. Kind of like the dri-soft(?) material. These pants are not meant to keep you warm, which is the good thing if you do use it for exercising.

As shown in my images, this item has a pocket on the inside flap of the pants for you to put your keys and phone. It was a bit hard to picture, but even though the pocket hole is small, the pocket size is pretty much the whole front side of your pants. Which is a lot of room. Although I haven't tried using it yet, I would imagine it to be a bit uncomfortable even though it is convenient. This may be worse if the pants are tight. I may be wrong on this though.

***I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.*****

Monday, January 11, 2016

Matcha green tea powder review

First off, GREETINGS ALL!! It has been nearly a year or more since I last posted here. I am currently doing reviews in exchange for discounted products and will start posting more often once I get the chance.

Today's product is for: 
Premium YAME Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder Extract 
by Matcha Organics 

The product can be found here: CLICK

Firstly, this product was a lot smaller than I expected it to be. According to the very nice tin that it came in, the product is 1 oz. I'm not sure if that's how big the product really is if you do buy it, because there is no description about the sizing of the product. This is quite shady... 

This is how the package inside the tin looks like. 

Best before Nov. 2016! Whoo... 

How to use: 
Apparently you have to scoop out 1/2 to 1 tsp of this powder and mix it with a bit of hot water to form a paste before you actually pour more water into it. I think this helps prevent clumping and mixing issues. 

Let me first comment on the powder itself. It is really GREEN. I've tried other green tea powders in the past (mixed with sugar) and they aren't even this green. Is it supposed to be like this? 
Anyway, I added a bit too much powder, and it was very bitter. I can definitely taste the green tea though. 

Made a green milk tea with it instead. Tastes so good!! 

All in total, I think the product is pretty good, but for $28.. it is way too little. There is no way that is happening. 
The packaging is also a little sketchy as well. I would have liked a bit more information. The packet containing the powder contains little to no information as well. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

REVIEW: Nike Comfort Flip Flops

Hello all, and yes if you have noticed, I have started to review shoes. Just thought of trying to review new things other than beauty products for a change.

After my cheap flip flops broke on me in public, I was traumatized and swore i would never wear flip flops again. Plus, a lot of them always hurt my feet after long periods of wear.
BUT, because sometimes it is just annoying to wear socks and tennis shoes, especially in hot weather, I decided that I need flip flops.

I saw these flip flops a while back but because of the price, I actually held back. To be honest, the most expensive pair of flip flops I ever bought were around $7, so the idea of paying more than $20 for a pair of flip flops were outrageous. But then again, it's a pair of Nike flip flops and that just makes a big difference. I own a few pairs of Nike shoes and they are super durable, so the trauma of them breaking in public somewhat lessened for me. Another thing is that they are SOOOOO SOFT. SOFT! It uses memory foam, so it adds on that extra cushion that my feet need. The bottom of the shoe is also really durable and strong, so i dont have to worry about it wearing any time soon.

Picture of the one i got. I believe this one is called volt pink. It was quite hard to find in my size.. Speaking of sizes, these flip flops only run in whole numbers. I'm actually a 9.5, but I got a 10 and it fits perfectly. I normally go half a size up for Nike shoes anyway, so it's not a problem for me. 

They have many colors for this style of flip flops, but I loved this one the most. It just stood out to me. The picture simply does not do its justice. 
Also note that this picture was taken about 2 months of so after wearing. It has started to get dirty though, and even though getting green for the sole was not exactly a perfect idea, i still love it. 

Bottom of the shoe. 

Heel of the shoe. As i have stated above, it is sturdy and strong.

Great shoe, I'm curious to know how long it will last for me. My last pair of Nike tennis shoes lasted 5+ years, and is still wearable, even though I have stopped wearing it already. 

REVIEW: Reebok Skyscape Runaround Shoes

Hello all, today I really want to review a pair of shoes that I have bought about 4 months ago. It started when I was looking through a magazine and saw these shoes on one of the pages. The color of the shoe was cute and the advertisement for it really made me want a pair.

It was noted as being a really comfortable and lightweight shoe. Apparently, the materials of the shoe are made from the same fabrics as bras, so its definitely really soft. The best thing about the shoe that reeled me in? Its machine washable!

The shoe comes in a few colors, and if you want patterned ones (those look so nice!), they will cost extra, but i dont have the extra money for that, nor do i feel it is necessary.

The shoe itself is quite pricey (around $60-70), and if you want the best deal on this shoe, i suggest looking through the online shops first and compare the prices. The prices are around the same but you might get deals such as certain % off, etc, which will make the shoe a bit cheaper than other stores.

Picture of the shoe around 4 months ago, when i first took it out of the box. Nice and pink! 
Looks cute in just about anything you wear! 

How it looks now, around 4 months later. I wear this shoe nearly everyday since i got it. Notice that it has gotten dirtier :( 
It made a good replacement for a lot of my older and heavier shoes, which just weighed me down a lot when I was walking. With these shoes, it's so lightweight, sometimes i feel like i'm flying. lol. 

This is the bottom of the shoe, dirty as well. 

The heel. I tend to wear out the heel of my shoes really fast. As you can see here, it is actually still pretty good, but i do notice some signs of wearing. 

The removable sole. has my dirty footprint on it. 
Its a really soft sole. I'm guessing it is like a sort of memory foam. Really soft and squishy. 

Bottom of the sole. Shiny and slick 

Thickness of the sole. 

As for the washing, I have washed these shoes once. I just removed the laces and the sole, put it in a mesh laundry bag and dumped it into the wash. 
I basically put it into the mesh bag because I wanted extra protection for the shoe, but I'm pretty sure it can be ok without the laundry bag as well. 
What happened was that a lot of the dirt stains on my shoe as well as my dirty footprint on the sole did not really wash off. 
If you really want to wash this shoe, I think the best thing would be to actually scrub any stains you have first and then throw it in the wash.  

I have not used these shoes for running or jogging of the sort, and i do not intend to do so, as i think the sole of the shoe is not intended for it. This shoe is more suitable for walking instead. 

I used to have really bad kneecap pains after walking long distances or after walking for a whole day, but after doing those same activities with these shoes, i didnt have the pains anymore. But to be honest, there were a few days where my legs did hurt even with these shoes though. 

Also, I have used these shoes for hiking (I didnt know i was going to go hiking and had those shoes on) and i can tell you that they are most definitely NOT intended to go on hikes. As i have said, the sole of the shoe is soft, so it really doesnt have good support. There's not much grip when you are walking down and most of the time i thought i was going to slip and die.. 

Overall, it is a great shoe and I would definitely buy another pair.