Thursday, July 17, 2014

REVIEW: Olay Regenerist Luminous

Next Up: Olay Regenerist Luminious!! 
I was really excited when this product was released as I am a big fan of Olay products. 

Some images of the box. 
Here are the claims: 
"-reduces appearance of dark spots over time
-brightens, exfoliates, smoothes
-regenerates skin's appearance to help recapture healthy looking, youthful luminosity" 

"-first use: intense hydration immediately refreshes and illuminates skin 
-2 weeks: skin looks visibly younger 
-8 weeks: the appearance of dark spots and discoloration are diminished to reveal vibrantly, even skin tone". 

Images of the jar itself and how the cream looks like. 

Jar looks exactly like the regenerist brand, except not red in color. 
The cream itself is a peachy color, whereas the regenerist is white. 
The scent is a bit more stronger than the regenerist, but overall, i really like the scent because it smells quite refreshing to me. 

In comparison with the regenerist, this feels more fluffy, creamy and thick. The regenerist is thinner. 

I believe i have been using this product for more than 5 months already (and yes, still using the same jar). 
Sadly, I did not take any pictures of the before, so I can only say what I believe to be true. My skin feels smoother (not sure if its because I use the fresh effects moisturizer in the morning. that cream makes my face really soft). It also feels more even in skin tone. The dark spots didnt really fade, but my skin does look brighter. I do know that after I put on the cream, my face looks whiter and more healthy though. 

Perhaps it is because I dont use the other products in the Luminous line. It seems as if they want us to use all their products together for the full effect.. 
I did manage to get their face wash, which is quite pricey ~$9-10, compared to their regular face wash which is about half the price. Luckily I got mine for around $7 after a coupon. 
I haven't tried it yet as I am trying to finish my current face wash, but I will put up a review after I do get a chance to use it. 

Overall, great product. Not disappointed at all. 

REVIEW: Daiso Face Cleaning Brush

Ok! back with another review. I want to get as many reviews that i have on hand waiting to complete by today! 
Daiso face washing brush. Costs only $1.50. 
Actually, I'm not entirely sure if they still sell these. I went to my local Daiso about a week ago and I did not see these in stock. 
I remember many months back a customer at Daiso was actually asking the staff if they still sold these, only to realize that they were sold out, so I'm guessing this item is really popular. 

Apparently, this brush is said to help you clear your pores and remove excess oil and debris from your face. 

Its actually quite simple to use. 
Just put your desired face wash onto the brush, rub it to get the foam started and use it to massage over your face. 

According to the date of the image, I have had this item since Dec 2013... I'm still using the same one it has been around 7-8 months? Quite durable if you ask me. No signs of wear at all. I only use it once a day when I shower though. 

What I really like about this item are the bristles. It is like a mini massager for my face. Also, I tend to get a lot of dry skin on my lips and this item helps to scrape off a lot of the dead skin i have. 

Totally recommended and I would most likely buy another one as backup if i see it sold at daiso again. 

REVIEW: Flawless Raspberry Ketone

Hello all, I must say that i am terribly sorry for not keeping up to date with my reviews. I am really far behind on many things..

Today, I will start off with a review on the flawless raspberry ketone.

this thing is a SCAM
I had initially seen this on a magazine, and it was highly recommended, saying that you can get a free trial on their website. 
Since it was recommended on the magazine, and it was a free trial  (just had to pay 4.95 for shipping) i thought, ok why not. 
turns out the website was really misleading. 
when i received it by mail, it was only then that i read the card they gave in the mail saying that i had to call in or email to cancel my order within 14 days if i was not satisfied with the product or i would be charged FULL price for the item. 


i was beyond furious. The website said free trial but said nothing about having to return the pills or calling in to cancel if i did not like it.
I immediately sent an email asking if i was to be supplied with stamps or anything of the sort to pay for the shipping costs to send the item back to them. They did not give me a reply. 

Called them in and took forever, so gave up. 
Sent another email, in a more angry matter this time and they finally replied. 
Had to pay for the shipping fees myself.. 

so.. i basically wasted around $10 just to try some damn pills, which i do not even know if it worked or not because i was too pissed over the situation to even try it for a full 2 weeks. 

I remember trying it for 1-2 days. Kept burping out raspberry smells. Didn't really suppress my hunger; instead i either got hungry faster or ate the same amount of food. 

Waste of time and money. Please do not buy this. If you really want to, buy it off other sites like amazon or at walmart. they actually wanted to charge me a cost of around $90 for that damn bottle when amazon charges only ~$30 or so for the same amount. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

REVIEW: Olay Fresh Effects Dew over, hydrating gel moisturizer

Hello all! terribly sorry for the super long delay in posting reviews! i have been super busy lately that i have neglected this blog :(

anyway, today i would like to review Olay fresh effects moisturizer!
i have been using this for more than 2 months or so already.

here are the images of the box, bottle and contents! 

I was actually really happy that they released this because i was really looking forward to being able to purchase an olay moisturizer in the USA instead of having to buy it overseas. (i use aquaction, which apparently does not sell here in the USA. not sure why though) 

this cost me around $13 at target. 

upon opening the bottle, i really like the scent. it is really floral and sweet. in comparison to the aquaction, it is a bit different. aquaction in my opinion is more of a watery scent and calming, refreshing and clear to me. This is also calming as well, but not as subtle in scent compared to aquaction i guess. Both are good in their own ways and i found that i never really hated any of the olay product smells. 

upon 2 months or so of application, i would like to say it is not a bad moisturizer, BUT i think it is a bit more oily compared to aquaction and that is the only drawback for me. sometimes my face would feel really oily after 6+ hours or so. i guess thats what i meant about aquaction being more clear. 

overall, it is not a bad purchase and it is cheaper in comparison to aquaction (aquaction costs ~$16) 
it does keep your skin moisturized so i wouldnt say that it doesnt do its job. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

REVIEW: Daiso Collagen Sleeping Pack

Hello all! Once again it has been a while. i have been very busy with my studies lately and i feel really bad for neglecting my blog :(

anyway here is the long awaited review for Daiso's collagen sleeping pack.

"Makes the skin moist while sleeping" 

100G or APPROX 3.4 FL OZ

"Collagen arranges in order skin wave and makes your skin supple and shiny while sleep" 

-Arrange skin wave with lotion or skin after cleansing. Apply and spread over the face, except around the eyes and the mouth. Go to sleep and wash up in the next morning.
Please use three times or 4 times a week. 

Made in Korea 

Here is how it looks. It is a clear gel. Fragrance-wise, it is not flowery or fruity. The smell is somewhat similar to the moisture gels- unscented lotion. 

How it looks when applied to hand and after glossing it over my hand. 

I must admit that i was quite surprised at how smooth and soft this product made my skin feel after application. 
Once again the bottle is somewhat skeptical in what the product does and the grammar is worded a bit off. 
Well, i basically put the product on after i wash my face and then go to bed. And yes i do wash it off the next day. I honestly do not know why they make you wash it off the next day, but its not a big deal anyways since i have to wash my face when i wake up, BUT i have heard that some products which state that you should wash it off should be washed off in the morning basically because the product may have chemicals which are too strong for your skin and not good. 
I'm not entirely sure if that is correct, but it is still best to follow the instructions. Also note that it says use 3 or 4 times a week. why cant you use it all 7 days a week? must mean something right?

Anyway, this is quite a nice product in making my skin feel really soft, but other than that i do not think it really has other effects to it. 
Interesting buy though. 

Anyway, here are pictures of some upcoming reviews:
Olay Regenerist Luminious


Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over! Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

I am a big fan of Olay products and I was glad to see that they have some new products! I am especially happy for the moisturizer because if it works good, I will possibly have a replacement for Olay's aquaction gel that i have to buy overseas. Also to note that both are the same size(1.7 fl oz) but aquaction costs a bit more: $16 i believe compared to Dew over's $13. 
Well, for now, I can only say that i tried a bit of the dew over and I am in love~ 

I am also glad that they released Olay Regenerist Luminous! Well, not that i really want to brighten my skin anymore, but I just couldn't help it. It costs $24. 

Both were purchased at my local Target and the stock seemed to be quite limited. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

REVIEW: Neutrogena Foot Cream

Hello all! second review of the day! i keep telling myself to finish up reviews on products that i have delayed for a while now, but i keep getting new products and i cant help but review it. it works!

the title of the product as shown is:
Neutrogena foot cream. 
norwegian formula: complete comfort
concentrated relief for dry rough feet

back of box (as quoted): 

"especially recommended for dry heels and calluses, this concentrated formula delivers a full day's moisturization with every use. use daily to restore skin's softness and help keep dry patches from coming back. just a small amount leaves feet feeling noticeably softer and smoother."

i happened to stumble across this at my local Walmart and it costs $3 for 2oz. I believe they sell it at Target as well for $1 more. 
they also have a hand cream version of this but i did not buy it because my hands do not need repair. my feet do! 

image of what the cream looks like. 
it sort of looks, feels and smells like vaseline. 
there are differences though- its somewhat thicker than vaseline in my opinion and not as oily. 

and yes, thats one thing i dont really like about the product: it leaves my hand feeling somewhat oily and takes a while to get rid of. I'm a clean hand freak and i cannot stand it if my hand feels dirty or sticky, so this bothers me but not a big deal since the product actually works.  

Ok, i've been raving on and on about how this product works. how? please take a look below of my toes before and after. 



do you see any difference? 
well, i realized the callous probably looks the same. but please take a look at my toes. as you can see in the before picture it looks somewhat dry and kind of scaly, no? but in the after picture, doesnt it look smoother and softer? 

maybe i just took the picture badly because the picture does not do any justice. 

my callous has gotten a lot softer compared to before and the sole of my feet feels like a baby's foot. 
seriously! you have to try it to see the results. 
my mom tried it as well and she said it made her feet feel a lot softer and her skin stopped peeling as well. 

i also want to state that the after picture was taken approximately 1 week, or maybe 1 week and a few days after continuous application of the product. 

my feet actually felt really soft a day or so after application of the product. 

i will most definitely buy this product in the future and post updates if my callous ever disappears! 
totally recommended! 

REVIEW: Daiso Cleansing Foam Hyaluronic Acid

Hello all, I totally almost forgot to review the hyaluronic acid! i used this during break when i was at home, and unfortunately i also left it at home, meaning i dont have any pictures of it.
this will be a quick review since theres really not a lot to say about the product.

BUT! it is basically the same thing as the collagen one i reviewed before click here

im pretty sure they state similar things on the bottle.

onward to the review, i want to state that it is indeed very similar to the collagen cleansing foam in terms of color and texture. as for smell, i dont really remember, i just know that the scent is very faint.

now, if you ask which one i like more, i would say the hyaluronic acid. why?
because it gives more of a squeaky clean feel.

the collagen gives you a 'ooh so soft feel' more than the squeaky clean feel.

both has its disadvantages though.

one thing i dont really like about the hyaluronic cleansing foam is that it made my skin peel. not sure if its due to other factors though, but i stopped peeling after i stopped using it...

as for the collagen, it makes my skin so soft that it makes me wonder if i actually cleaned my face. in other words, my face doesnt feel clean.

in conclusion, i think i will just stick to other face washes instead after i finish using them lol. not that they're bad, but i feel they dont cleanse as good.