Saturday, June 17, 2017

Review: Simply Essentials Tweezers Set


ITem came in a box, but I threw it away before I took a photo. Pouch has a small mirror attached! 

This is the pouch to hold the tweezers. It is literally a flimsy flat holder, but I guess it does its job 

Close look at the tweezers. There are two slanted ones and one pointed one. 

Side view of the tweezers. They are actually quite sharp, so be careful when handling them!!

Tweezers with logo. All of the tweezers have that logo on it, but the flash caused it to disappear on the silver ones. 

Having been said, it is actually my first time ever using a pointed tweezer, and I question to myself why I have never used it before. This tweezer is becoming my new favorite. Great to use, and easily pluck off hairs. 
For those who want to know what I use the tweezers for, they're for my knuckle hair. Yes, you heard it right. I have a huge dislike for seeing hairs on my hands, so I pluck them.. 

The pointed one works great. I have a ton of the slanted ones, but they are getting dull, so I'm glad that this pack had two of them. It would have been nice if they had a different one though, but that's okay. 

Otherwise, great set, and once again: 

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.. 

Thanks guys! 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

REVIEW: Aulexy Yoga Grip Socks - 4 pack

This is a review for Aulexy yoga grip socks. Note I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 

This item cotains 4 pairs of socks with different colors: Gray, White, Black, and Pink. 
Initially the listing was for 5 pairs of socks, and I guess they made an error and changed it. When I purchased it, it said 5 pairs of socks and was greatly disappointed to only see 4. No big deal though. 

All socks have the Aulexy logo on it, with nonslip grip. Great for yoga. 

There is also a flap at the back to make it easier to put on the socks. 

I am a size 9-9.5 and these socks fit perfectly. 
Great colors, very comfortable socks. 
I have also tested it on wooden floors, and they do great in preventing slips. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A little rant about FEDEX, one of the worst and most unprofessional delivery service I have ever encountered.

Let's face it, we all have had some delivery service issue in our lifetime, whether we are the buyer or the seller.

I purchase many things online and have had a taste of almost all delivery services. These are my personal opinions:

-USPS is most likely reliable. They have lost 3 of my packages by far.
-UPS is the most reliable. They never lost my packages. When they say they will deliver on a certain day, they do it.
-ONTRAC does their job, but they like to dump my packages at the front door and run.
-Amazon Carrier is a total hit or miss. I have had issues where they call me when I'm not at home, and instead of asking me what to do with the package, they hung up on me and marked the package as delivery attempted. Other times, they will just be too lazy to deliver a package to my front door, and leave it in the mailing area where everyone has public access to. Real safe amazon. And the other times, they do their job correctly.

What I'm trying to show is that I have had bad to negative experiences with other carriers, so I'm not trying to bash on FedEx for no particular reason.

This particular incident has left me speechless and angry to the max.

Let me explain a little bit about my FedEx histories first: Up until this incident, I never really had any problems with FedEx.
The only things I never liked about Fedex is that they tend to dump your packages on the ground and run. Sometimes they knock on the door, sometimes they don't. And yes, they even dumped a box with labels of "LIVE ANIMAL" on it, onto the ground. THUMP. 

My particular incident is with a package which I believe they were too lazy to deliver. Waited all day for it and around 4:45 PM, it was marked as delivery exception, customer not there or business closed. I immediately knew they were being lazy and didn't want to deliver, so they marked it like that. I was like fine, I can wait for the next day, since they were going to redeliver anyways.

The next day, still got nothing. Around 4:30 (ironic how it's always around that time huh) got another message saying customer refused delivery. UHH WHAT? Excuse you but I was home.

There was no way I would have refused delivery anyways because Fedex delivery dudes like to knock and run. They dont wait for me to open the door and nicely hand me my package. Another thing was that they marked delivery as refused at a completely different city than where I live. It was as if the package stayed at their warehouse and never left. 

I panicked and called Fedex because the damn package was going back to the seller. Like hello I want the package. 

Got a male representative on the line, which I really wish I got his name, but the guy had a tendency to talk fast and slur his words together. I was really pressing my ear to the phone to hear what he was saying. I sometimes wonder if they were trained that way so the customer won't know what they're saying..... 

ANYHOW, he then CONFIRMED my shipping address with me, but then later said that its because the seller put in the wrong address. What???  But you just confirmed the address with me??? 
The asshole didn't want the help me and told me the only thing I could do was to contact the seller. I asked if he could hold my package at fedex so I could go pick up. 
His response? "No, you have to contact the seller".  So much for customer service. 


Called the company who I purchased from, and a nice and friendly representative helped me out. Confirmed that the address was indeed correct. Told me that Fedex probably tried to deliver to wrong address and will call me back after they sort things out. 

THANK YOU FEDEX, (sarcasm here)

I was beyond raging at this point that the fedex rep had the audacity to LIE to me. To my knowledge, customer service means to help customers. It means to try to solve their problems, NOT LIE TO THEM and also place the blame on others. 

I then sent a complaint to FEDEX. Their customer service wasn't any better. Upon initial contact, I got the same message: Please contact seller. 

I told them what was going on AGAIN. You can see my complaint on the images below. 

After, they asked me to provide my name, address and telephone number IF I wanted to forward this crap to the management, I completely blew it. 

OBVIOUSLY YOU SHOULD HAVE FORWARDED ANY COMPLAINTS TO THE MANAGEMENT. HELLOOO?? They should have forwarded this complaint even if I didn't provide the info. 

At this point, I knew that fedex does not take negative criticism well and obviously did not want to document this complaint, or did not care enough. 

I replied and told them to obtain my info from the tracking number provided. Told them that if they were getting my phone number to call me to ask about the situation then forget it. Don't waste my time because everything has already been documented in the emails I sent them (assuming they know how to read). 

Got a reply with a copy and paste of the same thing asking me for my name, address and phone number. Apparently they can't read. 

I am done with fedex. I hope you are too. IF you are a seller, please try to use other services so your customers do not have to face this bullshit. 

At least when I documented a complaint with UPS, they called me and addressed the issues with me. 

Please share any experiences you had with Fedex- I'll be glad to read about them. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vorfreude Hearing Enhancement Amplifier Aid Mic & Speaker REVIEW

A disclaimer that I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review 

NOTE: that this item is a gift for my grandmother, who has hearing impairments. She uses these hearing aids on a daily basis. 

Also note that I will not be using this product since it is intended as a gift, and I will not be able to give this to her in time for my review deadline. 
As such, I will be reviewing the product based on how it looks. 

This product came in a box, pretty nice looking. It was wrapped in clear shrink wrap, but for purposes of this review, I removed it so I could take a look inside. 

Back of box. 

Very detailed instructions as to how to operate this item. 

Inside of box. Contains the hearing aid, a brush to clean the hearing aid, 2 batteries, and 3 different ear plug sizes. 

Close up of the hearing aid. Looks exactly like what my grandma uses! 

Loving the different sizes you can choose from. I'm not sure if my grandma's hearing aid has these. 

Overall everything looks great, and I can imagine how much cheaper this product is compared to the ones you would get from a doctor, or medical center. 
Unfortunately, I am unable to test out this product, so maybe I will do an update when I give this to my grandma. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

REVIEW: Luvami Earrings


 HI all, today I will be reviewing Luvami 18k White Gold Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings
The first thing I noticed is that the earrings are very shiny. In terms of the 18k white gold, I'm no expert, so I'm not sure how accurate that is. 
The sizing is 7MM, and I was afraid that it would be too big, since I am used to 4-5 MM earrings, but this is just right. 
Pics of the earring with and without flash. 
Pic of earring on ear. (my ear isn't up to par with modeling standards but it proves its purpose...hah)

The earring isn't heavy when worn, and it doesn't even feel like I have earrings on, which is good. 
The studs are long, which is another plus for me, because I often have issues with my earrings falling from my ear. 

I also have another issue where I can easily get infected when wearing earrings. I will see if these earrings are good or not. 

Otherwise, they are beautiful earrings, and I will be sure to wear them. 
I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my review. Even if I had purchased the item without the discounted price, everything I stated here stands true. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

REVIEW: Aulker ID101HR Heart Rate Pedometer Smart Band

Happy Holidays all! :)

I was very fortunate to be selected to receive this "smart watch" at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 

In terms of this review, I think I will give ratings on a scale of 5:
-5 best/good
-4 okay
-3 average
-2 poor
-1 really bad

Note the "OPEN HERE" text on the bottom right corner of this packaging.

Opens up so that you can see the watch.
Why the poor rating: Well off the bat, you can tell it isn't a really expensive watch to begin with. (Currently priced at $32.99 as I type this review). 
Packaging was really light as well. (Are smart watches supposed to be light? Because it felt like I was holding an empty box). 

Loved the idea of the "open here" flap so that you can get a good look at the watch, BUT the way they positioned it made it impossible to even see the watch. You can probably only see the watch straps at most. Kind of killed the appeal of the item. 

Functions and specifications are clearly stated on the back of the box. Also came with a strip of instructions (not pictured, forgot to take picture). 

I must say, I was quite confused over how to use the watch at first. I couldn't get it to turn on and I couldn't figure out how to charge it. Turns out you have to take the watch out from the strap (as pictured below), and there's a USB drive hidden inside it. Pretty cool! 
Other issues with the instructions included lack in telling how to turn on the watch when I wanted to look at the time. It also seems to be stuck at a 24 hour format, and I'm not seeing how I can change it to 12 hour. (unless I didn't read the instructions carefully). 

There's also some app you can download, but you would have to keep your phone's bluetooth on in order to keep it paired, and I found it a hassle to do so. 
The app apparently seems to help increase productivity (i.e. more heart monitoring, step monitoring and stuff like that I guess.) I did download the app, and I wasn't liking it. Was a bit too simple in a sense I couldn't find the info I wanted (like how to change the time format!) Also have to note that the date is listed as day FIRST and then MONTH. No year apparently, I'm guessing we don't need that lol.... 

More image of the watch, as well as a bit of how the instructions look like. 

I gave this a higher rating because I believe that the watch pretty much had all the features a smart watch should have, if not better or worse. It does have a heart pulse feature, pedometer, calories burned, etc. Not sure on the accuracy of these features though. :x 

EASE OF USE 1.5-2/5.... ughhh: 
I seriously did not want to give this watch such a low rating, but it was such a torture to figure out how to use it. 

First off, there aren't ANY buttons on the watch at all. How the hell do you turn it on? Well, we eventually figured out that you had to tap the screen and it will light up. Maybe tap isn't the correct word, I had to smash my finger on the screen, sometimes it would turn on, sometimes I had to keep smashing until it turns on. This is the major turn off of the watch. 

Secondly, the band SUCKS. Yes, it SUCKS. In terms of security, you put it on like you would a watch, except the end is a snap on instead of a buckle. 
In my opinion, the snap area is designed to prevent from the watch from getting loose, or falling off your wrist, but it also means that it is created in a way that you will have a hard time putting it on. 

I had to keep pressing and pressing and PRESSING the snaps to try to get it into the holes. It took FOREVER. It felt like I was suffocating my wrist doing so. Probably needs some time to get used to. 

FUNKY GREEN LIGHT: every now and then there will be a green light emitting from the back of the watch (pictures below). I believe it's some sensor thing that tracks your pulse? Well, it gets annoying when you have it on the table and it suddenly lights up. 
It stays on for probably 30 seconds or so? Then it'll go back to rest until it decides to turn on again. Not sure what that is about... 

Funky green light. 

By far the best of this product. Fully charged it and has been running for two days straight and only a quarter of the battery drained. 
Probably because this watch is still new, but I'm expecting the battery life will drain sooner or later. Keep in mind that this battery life is based on NO bluetooth, and not using any of the functions. Basically just used for watch purposes. 

Long story short, is this watch worth the full price? 
No, it is NOT in my opinion. Good gift for someone who perhaps only wants a temporary watch, or wants to test how a smart watch really works before getting a better one. 

It's definitely better to invest in a more well known brand of smart watches, you only pay a bit more, and get way better quality. (please note that I'm in no way endorsed to say good things about brand name smart watches, nor did I mention any brands). 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

REVIEW: Nonslip Bath Mat

Link to item can be found here: CLICK HERE


NEW LUXURY BATH MAT DESCRIPCION • STYLISH WHITE COLOR LOOKS GREAT AND LUXURY IN EVERY SHOWER Make every bath or shower you take safer and more sanitary, anti-bacterial BPA-free. Made of high-quality, allergen-free vinyl. Machine washable. Excellent Grip Top and Bottom The underside of the mat is covered with suction cups that, once pressed into place, adhere firmly to the floor of a tub or shower stall and will not shift or slide when you step on or off.

First two images taken from the Amazon images for a clearer look of what this product is. 
Yes, it comes with some loofah thing...which is kind of a weird combination. I forgot to take a picture of it, so I had to use the stock photo. 

Anti-slip rubber grips that apply firmly onto your bathtub. 

Design of the mat. Quite comfy but I could totally feel the empty areas on the bottom where there are no suction cups. I can feel the suction cups as well when I stand on it. 
It isn't uncomfortable, but it's okay. 

How it looks in my bathtub. 
Fits just right! 

Overall, I got this at a discounted price (which was quite affordable) in exchange for this review. 
Often times, I would go through slip scares in my bathtub because of soap residues, and I think this mat is great in helping prevent that. 

If there is water leftover on the mat, note that it doesn't really go away and just stays there... Something I don't really like. 

I threw away the packaging, but it basically arrived all rolled up with a piece of paper stating what it is, and covered in plastic wrap. 
Product itself is quite heavy, and I was not expecting that. I also forgot that it came with a weird loofah scrubber. I'm not too sure if I would use that, so I set it aside. 

One thing I didn't like when I opened it was that it left my hands feeling a bit slimey? Probably because of the silicone or something. It also smelled a bit. 
Definitely had to wash my hands after touching it. 

Overall, great product, and I will keep using it.