Thursday, December 27, 2012

REVIEW: Daiso Oil Blotting Paper

Hello, today i will be reviewing another item i got at Daiso. The bag calls it "Desk-Top Facial Oil Blotting Paper'' They cost $1.50 for 250 sheets, which i believe is pretty cheap. they had smaller packs of 150 sheets for the same price, but why would anyone want to buy 150 sheets when they can get 250 sheets for the same price?! it also says made in japan, so i do not think the product would be any bad.

two of the designs that i got. these actually sold out really fast; I got two packs and when i went back it was all sold out. :/ 

back of the bag gives instructions as to how to open the box. the top of this also has some notes, which i forgot to include in the picture: 
  • high class "washi" that is gentle to skin 
  • absorbs tough oil 
  • convenient to keep at your office or make up desk 

i was not really sure what washi was so i looked it up and apparently its just paper lol. 

this is what it looks like when its opened. personally, i do not like the design because every time i need a piece i have to open the lid to take a piece out. and no, i do not think you can pull it out from the hole. even if you can, it will probably end up being disastrous. 

the left side is the sheet i used and the right is a brand new unused sheet. sorry if the pics are really bad, i used my tablet :( 

the oil blotting sheets are a somewhat light brown/beige color. it is thin and has a really soft and smooth texture. 
honestly, i have never tried any other brand of oil blotting sheets before so i cannot compare this with other brands but i think it is pretty good. i usually have really oily areas around my mouth and forehead and the sheet shown in the picture above was used only around my mouth alone! i remember the first time i used it, the whole sheet was oily. 

$1.50 for 250 sheets is definitely a bargain and i will check again to see if they have this in stock! 

thank you for reading and i hope this helped you. :) 
comments are welcomed as well! 


  1. On occasion i will buy some blotting sheets. However most of the time i make my own. Thought you might want to learn how

    1. Hello again MeteoricMarlin! Thank you for the wonderful link! I never heard of that before and I will be sure to try it if I can get my hands on some of those sheets. Hahaha :)